From learning to specialism

Consequently Joels understands that we need to make life as easy and pleasant as possible for the professional breeder. Exactly because of this passion and ‘drive’ for outstanding results & performance, Joels will never stop learning; there is a constant creative search for a full range of innovative feeding sources and supplements, care products, specialistic accessories and supplies, and also a range of pharmaceutical applications. It should be encouraged to realize a healthy balance for the bird and pigeon in a preventative manner, but in some cases this can only be guaranteed by a corrective treatment. The total concept should be central, an appropriate complete care system, fed by the knowledge and experience of top breeders and successful pigeon fanciers. 
This fanaticism and know-how makes Joels, with its passionated employees, a specialist in manufacturing and distribution of quality products for the professional sector in bird keeping and pigeon sport; in other words, a proven formula for success!

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