Pro Line

Pro Line is a range of the best quality of eggfood and seed mixtures especially for your bird species. Every recipe is composed with top breeders that have years of experience with a specific sort of bird.  

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Developed with TOP-breeders

Seeds and ready-to-use eggfood composed especially after the nutritional needs of every bird species

Supplements that are essential for an excellent breeding- and showcondition

Cleaned seeds of the best suppliers

Eggfood with vegetables, quinoa and perilla seed

Lysine and methionine for an excellent plumage

Herb melange and coconut to support the immune system

Tonic seed for a better condition

Special ingredients, such as chia, fruits and gammarus

Authentic Belgian quality


Especially for… 


Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are essential for the health and well-being of birds. 

Pro Line eggfoods provides in a good basis. Our supplements allow breeders to complement the diet of their birds to fulfill them in their specific needs.  

Grit Essentials:  

Enriched grit mixture 

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Liquid amino acids and B-vitamins 

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Mineral Essentials:  

Unique combination of essential minerals 

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Fertical D3:  

Liquid calcium and vitamin D3 

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Breeding Essentials:  

The best supplement with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals

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Health and Condition seed:

Perfect mixture for extra protein and energy

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