Pro Line Eggfood: even better than before!

Thanks to a new professional machine Joels is able to produce an even better eggfood. The composition is unchanged, but the texture of the eggfood is improved in every way. Because the ingredients are mixed better, the structure is softer and more moist. And that results in an excellent acceptation by your birds!

Why Pro Line?

  • Developed with TOP-breeders
  • Composed especially after the nutritional needs of every bird species
  • Supplements for an excellent breeding- and showcondition
  • Lysine and methionine – Herb melange – Coconut – Tonic seed
  • Special ingredients, such as chia and gammarus
  • Authentic Belgian top quality
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4 Responses to Pro Line Eggfood: even better than before!

  1. Norbert Dor says:

    Comment se procurer les aliments en France?

    • admin says:

      Dear Sir, thank you for your interest in our products! I have sent your question to our salesteam, they will contact you about the availability in France.

  2. Elisabeth Øvreland Eriksen says:

    Is this available in Norway? (Or Sweden?) Best regards Elisabeth

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